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RBP Finivis brings together professionals with diverse experience to provide customized solutions for clients across all segments of the banking and capital markets industries. We serve our clients locally, while drawing upon the firm’s considerable global resources and industry expertise.

Financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking & capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs. RBP Finivis is the Exclusive Financial Advisory for, facilitating Turnkey Management support,Payment gateways technology, IP management etc.,


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Why Choose Us

Quality Delivarables

  • Clear action plan
  • Measurable benefits
  • Fast and efficient delivery
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  • Proven approach
  • Industry knowledge
  • Leading practices
  • Risk management
  • Sustainable execution

Globally Presence

  • With the enhanced scale of operations, increasing complexities and concentration of all critical and non-critical finance activities, there is an immediate need to have clear role definition for finance, segregation of duties between corporate finance and financial institutions and a robust organization structure will assist the right people focusing on the right business issues.
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  • Future considerations include robust planning, budgeting and forecasting, finance function improvement initiatives at a macro level and process level, with a solid governance and control framework embedded.

Trusted Partnerships

  • In the Transformative Age, with more data changing hands and more technology used in decision-making, trust is more important than ever. It’s trust that enables organizations to create value and capital markets to function properly
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  • With richer insights from deeper data analysis, you can look at risk afresh. You can make smarter choices, from what you should mitigate to what you can embrace. With trust comes the confidence to make bolder strategic moves. It’s trust that will help you seize the upside of disruption.

How We Works

Identify the need for change

At this stage, we review how each process impacts ...the organization, resources and stakeholders (employees, customers, logistics, partners, suppliers, etc.).

Analyze current process

Once our team decides which process will be going improve we analyze the current procedure. This way we can fully understand the process from A-Z and set realistic improvement objectives.

Obtain commitment and support

The third step in the process is to solicit senior management commitment.... This is possibly the single-most important element in the process as the success of the project hinges on managerial support. At this stage we clearly present the necessity for change and how it impacts the organization.

Create improvement strategy

With the process analysis phase completed we move... ahead to develop the strategy. We recommended to include what steps in the process are broken, why and how they should be improved with any financial and resource implications.


Solutions We Offer

The pace and scale of change today is staggering. But one thing that doesn’t change at RBP FINIVIS is the value we place on the uniquely human ability to offer insight and empathy while using technology to make a positive impact.

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