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RBP FINIVIS- (Direct API Provider)

RBP FINIVIS Pvt. Ltd. is based on the concept of financial inclusion and our new product MEGO makes the best use of it. It has a great ability to use the potential of inclusive finance. We connect businesses together with our B2B APIs and have emerged as the best b2b API provider company in India. Having 20+ years of establishment in international finance, we have invented many novel products and services that have helped us achieve a great banking experience. Digital banking is the key for us to grow our business model and technology integration in India. We are organized to provide basic financial inclusion services to the unbanked individuals and improve their lives. Our products help them in making use of those services. The services are AePS, Micro ATM, and DMT which was also proposed by Honorable PM in PM Jan Dhan Yojana. This scheme was introduced in the year 2014 with an aim to bring financial empowerment to the country.We are sharing the same aim by making our products available for various banking experiences. RBP FINIVIS has the aim of making our products available nationwide for various banking services such as savings, deposits, remittances, credit, and pension. It is established to reduce poverty and provide financial support to lower- income entrepreneurs. In order to get the benefit of this scheme, one can be a Business Correspondents of MEGO pay Network.

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The Relation Between RBP (Rural Banking Programme) FINIVIS and Rural People

As the name indicates, we are a Rural Banking Programme and we emphasize making financial services easy for rural people. We are bringing the change by providing mATM i.e. micro ATM services in India also referred to as mini ATM services. Our many such products and services have helped rural people in making their transactions, payments, and businesses easy to perform. We are still enlarging our reach and we are sure to make our services available in each and every part of the country. According to the statistics, one in three adults still does not have access to financial services. It indirectly represents 1.7 unbanked people which itself is a big number to worry about. RBP FINIVIS is striving to reduce these numbers; we share a pivotal position in easing the use of financial services and their adaption to niche and underserved markets.

MEGO's Beneficence In Rural & Urban Area

Individuals and businesses must be able to access financial products and services irrespective of their net worth or company size.

aadhaar enabled payment system


AePS stands for Aadhaar Enabled Payment system, which enables the customer to make banking transactions like Balance Enquiry,Cash Withdrawal, Aadhaar to Aadhaar funds transfer etc. With the use of AePS service, merchants can collect online payments from the customers using their biometric identification and Aadhaar number. RBP FINIVIS with its innovative products and services is committed to being the best AePS API provider in India.

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Micro ATM

This device includes a card reader with features of deposit,Balance Enquiry and cash withdrawal from all bank debit cards. It is a mini version of large ATMs with a POS (point of sales) terminal. Micro ATM facilitates the feature of swipe machine to connect with the core banking system. With our micro ATM services also known as mini ATM services in India, we are determined to change a common man’s life.

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This is an integrated Programme facilitating bill payment services and eCommerce portals under one cover. Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) smooth the progress of a cashless society with a pledge of safe and reliable transactions. BBPS offers every type of bill payment service. RBP is assured to connect everyone with Bharat Bill Payment System for safe and secured transactions.

mini atm machine


It simply means Direct Money Transfer from one account to another. It removes the hassle of banking vulnerabilities. All exercises performed under DMT are relatively safe and secure in nature. DMT services are based on different criteria to create a fast and convenient user experience. We at RBP are confident to make direct money transfer services accessible for everyone in the country.

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Why Choose Us

We connect people with financial services at remote locations, and at a lower cost.

We Have Facilitated the Expansion of Access to Financial Services for Hard-To-Reach Populations and Businesses, At a Lower Cost.

RBP FINIVIS has facilitated the expansion of access to financial services for hard-to-reach populations and businesses. The services are provided even in the isolated areas. The increased collection of customer information enables providers to design dematerialized financial products better suited to the unbanked. Benefits are as follows,

  • Accessible 24x7
  • Instant authentication to sender via OTP (SMS)
  • This provision is available to all the bank cards and branches
  • Send cash instantly
  • Money transfer can be made on bank holidays or Sundays as well
  • Fast and Safe transaction

Sharing the knowledge of the financial sector so that people can understand the offer

We verify that each individual has valid identification documents and an affordable and accessible way to authenticate them. We design useful and relevant financial products as per the consumer's need. We introduce strong consumer protection frameworks and adapt regulatory and supervisory authorities, in particular by exploiting new technologies.

RBP FINIVIS defines the possibility for individuals and businesses to access a whole range of useful financial products and services offered by reliable and responsible providers at a lower cost. Accessing a current account, paving the way for depositing money, as well as sending and receiving payments is the first step towards full financial inclusion.

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This platform permit the public to engage in deeper learning,
discover new horizons, and participate in discussions that support improvement in financial inclusion.

Businesses Anticipate the Financing of Long-Term Goals

RBP FINIVIS has been developed to designate the start-ups, which puts some solutions are proprietary but others are collaborative and could ensure the transparency of transactions.

Looking for API integration? RBP Finivis pvt. Ltd is a Direct API provider company across the India. We provide API for the products like AEPS, MATM, DMT, BBPS and Fastag. If you want to plug API solutions then don’t think it’s time to integrate. We are available with dedicated software and digital solutions as well.

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Let’s become our business partner to design, create and maintain your own brand with RBP finivis white label services. The white label gained a lot of popularity nowadays to grow profit margins and revenue for your business. It is beneficial to decrease internal and overhead expenditures.

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RBP FINIVIS is an interoperability platform to expand your business with B2B services. We value our client’s happiness by connecting them with the market to reach more channels. We have expertise in implementing new technologies with changing customer needs.

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aeps service provider company list


RBP stands for Rural Banking Programme which highlights the essentials contribution of financial inclusion with MEGO towards the achievement of global development goals.
MEGO, formerly known as an independent knowledge platform for financial inclusion professionals.RBP support this Programme by giving neutral space to share lessons,knowledge,and ideas on how to improve financial facilities for the under privileged.This platform permit the public to engage in deeper learning, discover new horizons, and participate in discussions that support improvement in financial inclusion.
The users of the MEGO Platform are mainly financial inclusion and microfinance professionals. They derive from different countries, mostly developing economies, and they represent the various institutions that create up the fintech sector.