BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

Bharat Bill Payment System is a one stop solution for all types of repetitive and utility payments such as electricity bill, gas, DTH, phone bill, insurance premium, school/college fees, and much more. BBPS is an essential system introduced by RBI and driven by NPCI to provide integrated, easily accessible, and interoperable payment services with a single brand image providing convenience of ‘anytime anywhere’ bill payments to customers. RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading BBPS API Provider Company. It offers you the best support to facilitate the service to people near you with a pledge of safe and reliable transactions.

Interoperable & easy fetch

Enable all modes of payments at one place


Accessible digitally and physically both. i.e., online & offline payment are available


Most cost effective for entire ecosystem.

Complaint management

Standardized system to handle complaints for both ON-US and OFF-US Transactions

BBPS api

Objective of BBPS(Bharat Bill Payment System)

The main objective of BBPS is to implement an integrated bill payment system and to initiate digital cashless payments across the country.

This system was initially started with the facilities of some regular utility bill payments. With the expansion of the scope of BBPS, it would include other repetitive payments also like Insurance Premium, School or College Fees, EMIs, Municipal Taxes, Mutual Funds, etc.

Benefits of BBPS to customers

We at RBP offers finest BBPS bill payment API to merchants to start providing pre-eminent benefits to customers. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • BBPS offers the customer to pay their bills anytime and anywhere
  • It provides an easily accessible bill payment system to large segment of un-banked and under banked population.
  • The bill payment service points are available to consumers at their place of work and residence
  • BBPS provides inter-operability so that customers can pay bills via multiple payment modes such as cash, debit/ Credit Card, payments through prepaid payment instrument and electronic payment options.
bbps (baharat bill payment system) api provider

Easy Bill Payments - BBPS

BBPS is an economical, intensified and suitable subtitle to the existing payment system with additional features.
As bill payment is the major component of India’s retail transactions, so it is needed to offer unified bill payment system.
Hence, we as a BBPS API Provider offers you the developed and designed start-ups to earn highest commission in market on each BBPS transaction.
it is a convenient and time saving system through both online and offline mode of transactions via different payment channels.

bbps (bill payment) api provider company

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